Ro-Ro Sailing Project

Ro-Ro Sailing Project

Description of what it is:

A project that aims to provide disabled people with the opportunity to experience sailing.

Summary of objective:

The Ro-Ro Sailing project aims to get disabled people sailing on their fully wheelchair accessible sailing yachts, providing trips for families, groups and individuals through their Partnerships with the Gwennili Trust.


Last year the Ro-Ro Sailing project provided 132 days on the water for disabled people to sail in the Solent. They believe no one is too disabled to participate in sailing. Activities that are enjoyed include J P Morgan Asset Management Round The Island Race to sensory days sailing for the groups with significant disabilities. Through these days the participants develop skills and enjoy experiences, which impact on their everyday life including teamwork, self-belief, being responsible and gaining a sense of achievement.


This is an on-going project in 2014.


The Solent.

Why they need the funding:

We would like to make some further adaptations to the boats and update some of the onboard systems, allowing the expansion of the programme to also be able to provide overnight trips.

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