Episode 3: Exploring Cornwall’s Historic Coastline

Cornwall’s long expanse of rocky, virtually uninhabited coast made it ideal for smuggling. Tea, brandy, gin, rum and tobacco where all smuggled ashore to avoid the customs men and to be sold for a fraction of their true price. Many of the tiny coves, visited by filmmaker John Boyle on his Princess 39 ‘Cecienne’, were magnets for smugglers who brought new wealth to the poverty stricken locals living along Cornwall’s remote coastline.

John visits landfalls and landmarks along the wild coast of west Cornwall made famous by some of history’s most renowned smugglers. Prussia Cove named after John Carter, the self styled “King of Prussia”, was perhaps the most notorious in the later 18th Century. Holidaymakers enjoying the coves of the Lizard Peninsula rarely realise that they are walking in the footsteps of those early free traders! Discover more of Cornwall’s rich culture and history in this exciting and inspirational video series made for boat owners by a boat owner!

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