Episode 2: Exploring Cornwall’s Historic Coastline

Cornwall’s coast is a mecca for cruising – rugged granite cliffs, awesome anchorages, history, culture, beaches and more – and hopefully good weather too! Boating enthusiast and award-winning filmmaker John Boyle discovers how history has helped shape Cornwall’s amazing coastline which can only be best explored by boat.

This episode reveals the county’s early mining, which brought great wealth and financed the construction of many of Cornwall’s harbours. John visits the legendary St. Michael’s Mount, Porthleven and the harbour of Charlestown – familiar to viewers of the BBC Poldark series. John’s Princess 39 ‘Cecienne’ is perfect for exploring the Cornish coastline. Great footage and spectacular scenery will act as inspiration for any boat owner to plan their own exploration our wonderful coastline.

In the next episode, John delves into the treacherous history of smuggling along the Cornish coast…don’t miss it!