Cross Channel Adventure to: Treguier via scenic river approaches

This Haven Knox-Johnston Cross Channel Adventure sees John and his team reach Treguier, navigating along the River. 9 miles of attractive river leads to the pontoons of Treguier, a beautiful town built many centuries ago, steeped in history and tradition. John is lucky to arrive on market day and the streets are lined with stalls selling the very freshest of fruit, fish, vegetables and other local produce. Cheese is a regional specialty and stalls offer a ‘try before you buy’ policy to taste the fantastic quality. This makes Treguier worth a visit just to stock up on goods from a stunning market town whose produce comes from the farmhouses in the region and recipes are handed down through the generations.

The marina offers all facilities you’re likely to need, but John warns that the river can run up to 9 knots, so it’s always advisable to time your visit to the marina during slack water. Treguier highlights the options that only boat owners can really enjoy when exploring some of the lesser-known destinations that lie just across the English Channel – but which are relatively undiscovered and unspoiled compared to the more familiar places dotted further east along the coast. This series is designed by boat owners for boat owners to share some inspiration and make the most of their boats and explore somewhere new…enjoy!

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